Vision Exploration

Product Design | Sustainable Design

One Week Project

I am interested in sustainable, Human-Centered, inclusive, humanitarian design. I believe the power of good design can tackle global challenges, develop Human-Centered innovative solutions that drive global sustainable development. In the phenomenon of excessive consumption and waste of resources, I also curious about how to maximize resource utilization, influence people’s behavior and provide and sustainable lifestyle for them.

Sustainability + Human

Data Visualisation


I want to:


Using materials to explore the experience designed to aid behaviour change

Embed data/meaning into the product

Better understanding sustainable information

Could the data evoke reactions using other senses? 

How could these reactions alter the way we think about sustainability?




Sadness hides behind perfect life

Material + Data Visualisation

Experience of “Feeling” The information/ Data

Air Pollution

Bonfire Night fireworks 3/4/5th Nov 

How can i communicate information and alter people’s behaviour in a predictable way without forbidding any options or significantly changing their economic incentives? 


Camden Market

Camden Market is known for its fashion shops and vibrant, street scene. It is a great place to shop for jewelry. In order to attract tourists there, I decided to create a jewelry collection.


I used some scraps material in the workshop to make the jewelry collection according to the air quality report on the day of London Bonfire Night fireworks.

PM10 Particulate (by FDMS) (ug/m3)

Sulphur Dioxide (ug/m3)

PM2.5 Particulate (by FDMS) (ug/m3)

Oxides of Nitrogen (ug/m3 as NO2)

Concentrations in London, micrograms per cubic meter