A 48-hour exchange sprint cooperation project

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Sprint Weekend

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During the exchange at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, we and a Japanese exchange student in New York organized a 48-hour sprint on the weekend. We exchanged with the team members in New York every 12 hours. 

Our project is to use new technologies to help preserve ancient traditional technologies that are about to become extinct. From our research, we found that the Japanese traditional craftsmanship spirit is an important part of Japanese Culture. Many craftsmen live in suburbs far from the city. They are distressed that no young people are willing to learn to inherit traditional craftsmanship.


We think if advanced technologies can be used to disseminate traditional craft skills around the world and achieve better distance learning, traditional craftsmanship can be spread to the world. We use 5G and Mixed Reality technology to more accurately record the actions of craftsmen, and provide users with a more realistic teaching experience.