Sustainable Drawing Kit For Children

Product Design | Sustainable Design


Hema X CSM Sustainable Design Awards

Winner  JUN 2017

NATURAFUN is a sustainable drawing kit for children. It contains eight refillable color pens, underneath is a coloring pad which has lots of fun pictures for children to color it and two drawing holders to help them show their works. The hole in the middle is for children to get these pens out easier. This all in one drawing kit keeps all the coloring and stationery materials in one place for easy tiding up when finished.

Observation & Insights

The color pens dry out fast, causing huge amount of wastage

Children always forget to put the pen caps back and lost them

Parents want safe, affordable, fun products for their children

Children bite these pens unconsciously and draw on their skins


“I always worry about whether those colour pens are toxic to my child or not.”


“My child forget to cap their pens, and they dry out really fast. It’s quite expensive for me to buy them often.”


“Sometimes, it’s annoying that some of the colours are used up faster. It’s hard for me to buy only one of them.”


Tape Organiser & Dispenser

Tape Organiser & Dispenser

Portable Zipped Gaiter

“Fidget Clock” Inspired by the spinning top

Rainbow colour pens fidget toys—Inspired by the stacking toys

Sketch model

Idea development

Sketch model


  • The Fibre-tip pen with cap-ring or string for children who should never lose their pen caps again


  • Pen caps can be threaded onto a cap-ring or any string– so it’s almost impossible to lose them and the pen does not dry out.


  • Unusual triangular shape – so the pen doesn’t roll away and can be easily picked-up.


  • Handy size ideally designed for children’s hands.

  • Hole—Easy To Take Pens Out

  • 8 x Refillable Felt Tip Colour Pens (RECYCLED PP)

  • 1 x Colouring Pad  (RECYCLED PAPER)

  • Dutch RepresentativeFun pictures for a young child to colour.

  • 2 X Drawing Holders

Sustainable technique


Leftover Or Fresh

DIY Natural Dyes

In order to enable more sustainable lifestyle to people, I want to use natural dyes to replace the toxic pigments. People can follow the recipe to make their own natural dyes by using the leftover fruits and vegetables, such as beet skins, onion skins, red cabbage leaves, etc. It’s more fun and safer, no extra cost buying lots of pens. It’s can be refilled again and again, and no worries about the pens will dry out. Parents and Children can have endless amounts of fun with it. Great for holidays or staying in on rainy days. Children will also get some knowledge while playing with this product too.




Pre-Reduced Natural Dyes Powders

Pre-Reduced Natural Dyes Powders

Sometimes people are very busy, so it offers two options for their customers. They can either follow the recipe and make their own Natural ink with their children or buy the replacement bottles in the shops. These bottles have the pre-reduced natural powders and some alum which will help create the long lasting Ink. By simply filling water into bottle and shake it well, they can refill any color any time they want. Compare to other products, it is more convenient and less cost. If their children only lose one color pen, they don't need to buy the whole drawing set again.


I followed the recipe and did some experiments. It is really easy to make it at home, and I had a great fun with it.


Felt Tip

Refillable Pen

Coloring Pad

Drawing Holder

Recycled Plastic (PP)

Recycled Paper


Natural Dyes