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M-cross is the world's leading public trading platform for buying, selling and renting used medical equipment, parts and services. To address the uneven distribution of medical resources in developed and developing areas, We are committed to establishing medical information and equipments exchanges between developed and developing countries.




Japan has lots of advanced medical equipments. Hospitals and clinics in Japan tend to replace their medical equipment in the faster cycle. Their old systems are still well-qualified for their practical use. In contrast, there are 1723 hospitals cannot afford new medical equipments in Philippines and 63% of people in Philippines don’t have basic medical care.

Service Design - Business Model

There are 65% diseases in Philippines needs proper medical equipments for subsequent treatment and over 160,000 people die for lack in adequate medical equipment for proper diagnosis.

Philippines Market

$117 Million

Philippine spend on importing medical equipments in 2017.

5% Increase

This market increase 5% every year.


Medical equipments from U.S. and Japan

Opportunity Area

High Service



Low Service



The Design Team

Two Designers:

Yaohan Gu & Weijie Wang

“We work effectively together to design every touchpoint, product and promotional video for this project. And we learn how to make Business plan from financial experts, in order to calculate the startup costs.”

Peter Aganon

(Surgery Doctor)

“Our clinic needs more medical equipments to help patient get treatment.”

Yamaguchi Kage

(Physician Doctor)

“My hospital has some spare medical equipments and hope somebody could deal with these at a reasonable price”

Shida Sun


“Philippine has a large market for medical equipments, so I believe it is a valuable sales chain.”

Outside Experts Team